Busy, Busy, Busy with Family, Apartments, and NYC

That wonderful moment when you cat walks across your keyboard and deletes the majority of a new post…

Anyway–the past few weeks have been pretty busy here at home, with two separate sets of family coming to visit. We went to Disney with the first group and apartment shopping with the second. I thoroughly enjoyed Disney, as mentioned in a previous post, seeing as I shy away from actual roller coasters, and my nephew loved it as well, but not as much as he loved Legoland. The second group of visitors reminded me of how terrifying it can be to search for an apartment. My cousin, who is moving to Florida on rather short notice for a job, had basically one day–maybe two if he was pushing it–to go to his new town and find a place to live. Stressful stuff, but exciting nonetheless. My mom, my other cousin, and I certainly had fun on the day trip, though; we tested all the candy at the complex offices. It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it…


Seeing my cousin look for apartments really made me start to think about what I would want in a law school apartment. No matter where I go, I’m going to have to move, be it across town or across the country. I’ve started to compile a list of ‘wants’ and a list of ‘needs’ in my head about my next place, which is making me feel a bit more prepared. ‘Want’ a storage closet; ‘need’ it to be pet friendly. 


I have fooled myself into thinking that this want/need list is enough productivity for now. I should be working more on my law school applications, but it’s hard to find the motivation at the moment. Right now, I’m loving being lazy for the summer. I’m probably going to embrace it for a few more weeks. 


Heading off to NYC on Thursday and I’m SO excited. It’s going to be a great trip, but I still need to pack. My friend and I are going to see Once while we’re there, which was a nice last-minute addition. So looking forward to wandering and exploring one of my favorite cities with one of my best friends! 


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