Jawbone and Disney

It’s been a busy week so far and we have quite a full house here. My brother’s family is in town and catching up with them has been just wonderful. My nephew is four and a total city boy, so he’s having a blast with all the space in our house and backyard. After a day of boating and swimming in the lake, we took the day yesterday to go to Disney. My nephew had never been and we were excited for him to go (read: my mom and I wanted to see the new castles and this was a good excuse to go).

Disney with William

My nephew and I had some fun while waiting in line for the new Little Mermaid ride.

Outside disney


One last shot (a picture and some Starbucks) before heading home.


Similarly, it has been a busy week for me, personally, since I got a Jawbone band from the Apple store. I had heard a great deal about these little bands and was curious to know how they worked. I’ve had pedometers before, as well as heart rate monitors that sporadically latched on to my actual heart rate, but they were predominately for use in the gym. The thing I like about the Jawbone system is that it really factors in the activity you do all day long, as opposed to the hour or so I dedicate to the gym four to five times during the week. Summer’s sedentary nature aside, as a college kid on a huge campus, I walk a lot–so much so that I gave up running because I felt like it was just too much (I’m not a natural runner, so this was an easy choice for me). I want credit where credit is due, because during the school year, hauling myself to class is really the bulk of my cardio, even if I do a few runs a week or a spin class here and there.

So, I began my Jawbone experience a few days ago. I originally believed that the “average” 10,000 steps a day would be easy enough for me to complete, since I figure I’m an “average” user–I’m healthy, I work out, I walk a lot here and there. The first few days, it was rather disappointing to see that I did not even come close to reaching this goal, even considering a lengthy strength training gym trip where I consciously walked around more during breaks between sets. Until I actually ran three days ago, the most steps I had taken was around 7,000 steps. On the day that I ran for thirty or so minutes, I only achieved about 120% of the goal–that is, 12,000 steps. And that was with running!

Increasingly frustrated, unsure of how I would possibly reach this “average” while living my summer lifestyle, I wore the band to Disney with my mom, sister-in-law, her mom, and my nephew. I figured that, without a doubt, I would reach and surpass the 10,000 step goal on a day like that. I mean, we didn’t walk very fast, because my nephew is still small and takes little steps, but it still felt like I had been walking for days by the time we made it to the tram back to the car. This feeling might have had something to do with the increasingly hellish temperature here in sunny ole’ Florida, but we also did a lot of backtracking and wandering in search of the new castles. Thus, I was rather surprised to see that, by the time we got to the car, I had reached roughly 90% of my goal–something around 9,000 steps–in the whole day.

In summary, I like my Jawbone. Aside from the issue I’ve been having with it falling out of sync with my phone during the night and the alarms set on it not going off in the morning, I like the device. However, I am coming to accept that their “average” 10,000 steps must be the “average” for super active runners and the like. Oh well. Time to lower the goal to a more reasonable 7,000 steps for the time being and revisit the 10,000 once school starts up again in the fall.


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