Inaugural Animal Post

As mentioned in my first post, I recently adopted a kitten–my first pet. I’ve had dogs before with my family, including “my” dog, Max, whose untimely death will still bring me to tears even after eighteen or so months have passed. Louis, my cat, is my first on-my-own pet. I am entirely responsible for him and, at times, it is stressful, but it is so rewarding.

Having pets around just makes me happy. I like having a little ball of fluff around to play with when I need a break from studying or to sit with while I watch TV. Before I adopted Louis, I did like living alone, but it definitely got lonely at times. Having Louis really keeps these feelings at bay.

Louis is a shelter cat, rescued because someone dropped his little one-month-self off at the Alachua County Animal Services back in September or October of last year. There, he received medical attention and was taken over by a wonderful shelter in Gainesville called Helping Hands. Between these two great facilities, the broken leg he had come in with healed and did not need to be amputated, as was originally thought. Since adopting Louis back in January, I’ve started working with Helping Hands and have loved every minute of it. The few adoption events I’ve been able to help out with inspired me to look for something animal-related to do over summer when I’m away from Gainesville. This led me to the Orlando SPCA, for whom I am crocheting pet blankets to line crates, play areas, and carriers with.

I love to crochet, and I’m getting a lot better with it now that I have projects to work on, continuously giving me something to practice with. However, I’m starting to run low on yarn reserves from around the house (my mom had accumulated enough yarn to…well, I’m not quite sure what you could do with it, but it was a lot…) and buying more adds up fast. That’s why I started a booster campaign (click here to see the page) to raise money for crafting supplies for pet blankets for the Orlando SPCA and, ideally, Helping Hands for when I get back to school. (Also, I wanted a reason to put Louis’ adorable face on a t-shirt!) So, for $15, you can get an adorably wonderful t-shirt and help me buy more yarn for cat and dog blankets (and toys if I get better at all this!). Thanks for your help and attention!

Louis’ Shelter Cat Shirt Booster Campaign:

P.S. Check out Louis as a baby kitty (about 3 months old). Look at the little jacket! They called him Mr. Mittens because of his white paws, which you can see in the second picture, in which he is about 7 months old (and sitting on a cat blanket!).


L on green blanket





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