…But first, introductions.

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a long time now, but hesitated because I was never quite sure what I would write about. My life is pretty typical, in a lot of aspects–I’m a student, working towards going to law school–but it is cast with many great characters. I keep busy with school and with my extracurriculars, like a pre-law fraternity that keeps me on track for my applications this next year, and an animal shelter near my campus, where I get to play with the dogs and cats and help them find new homes. In my spare time, I like to practice yoga and lift weights.

All in all, I felt like I wouldn’t have anything specific to write about. For those of you who are avid viewers of the Big Bang Theory, as I am, you may remember an episode towards the end of season 6 where Penny laments that she has nothing she is passionate about, while her friends are all passionate about their careers and science. Though I found her “epiphany” that she was passionate about Leonard to be a bit overly-sentimental and underwhelming, I nonetheless commiserate with the character.

Over the course of my junior year of college, I was forced–but fortunate–to learn a different type of time management. As a driven, goal-oriented student, it was easy for me to push through two years of college with 99% of my attention on school work. After four semesters, though, something had to give. After a period of semi-seclusion while writing my senior thesis the fall of my junior year, I began to reconsider my priorities. Not everything had to revolve around school, a wise person once told me. I began to devote more time to yoga, setting aside an hour or two each week for classes at my college’s gym, as opposed to planning my work outs around class. After adopting my first cat, my love of animals was revitalized. Perhaps, I began to consider, my interest in animals was not something I should put aside.

I love my pre-law fraternity, and I’m so excited to work with it even more closely this next school year, but the minute I decided that volunteering at the animal shelter where I got Louis was a good use of time–even if it wasn’t going to directly help me get into law school–I had my own sort of “epiphany.” Fabienne Fredrickson has a great quote which I found on Pinterest a while back, which really rings true to me: “The things you are passionate about are not random, they’re your calling.”

So maybe my loves of yoga and animals, as well as my internal drive towards my future in law, are all passions of mine. There you go–I’m a yoga-loving, animal-adoring, pre-law student. Welcome to my blog.



6 thoughts on “…But first, introductions.

  1. Good luck on your blogging journey, and your journey in life! Sounds like you’ll have a great time! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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